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Welcome to Cortina Unforgettable Vacation

Paolo and Luca, two of the most popular and prestigious ski instructors of the Dolomites. Not only do they give lessons and accompany you on the most spectacular pists, they will also share with you their cordiality, great experience, and they will make you taste those values that are required on a mountain holiday.
Because they will assist you all the time, they will help you not to waste any minute, so that you will be able to live throughout your week in total relaxation.

The beauty of Cortina, where we were born and raised, surrounds us, and it will enable us to introduce you to a fantastic world, whether you are a child, an adult, a group of people, or a family. Whoever has already met us and tested our ability is our best presentation card.

Don't hesitate, contact us so we will build your dream vacation.......

This Vacation is not to be missed!
Paolo & Luca

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